Contact Lenses

West Suburban Eye Center carries a wide assortment of contact lenses, and it is continually updating. We do this so each of our patients can be offered the best lens for their needs. Dr. Rebecca Schmitt is an experienced optometrist who can fit patients with all kinds of visual demands. She will perform a detailed interview to understand your contact lens requirements and then measure your eyes precisely to find the best fitting contact lens.

Dr. Schmitt can fit lenses for patients with astigmatism, dry eyes, allergies, and even bifocal contacts. Custom made Rigid Gas Permeable lenses can also be ordered.

Proper contact lens fit is essential; the wrong lenses can lead to eye irritation or even severe corneal infections. Maintaining your lenses correctly is also necessary to keep your eyes healthy. You will receive an expert fitting and also education regarding lens care. Contact lenses should give sharp vision while being comfortable and safe for your eyes. West Suburban Eye Center will provide the level of attention required to achieve this for you.

We minimize patient waiting and answer all your questions completely at each visit. Make an appointment today and let us exceed the “standard of care” for you.