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What is astigmatism?

The cornea is usually spherical in shape, like a ball cut in half. If it is elliptical like a football, it produces astigmatism.

What is presbyopia?

The lens of the eye is flexible, which allows us to focus at distance and at near. Around the age of 40, the lens becomes progressively stiffer. It loses its ability to focus at near, so reading glasses are usually prescribed.

What is a cataract?

The lens of the eye is clear. It often becomes cloudy over time, which is called a cataract. This causes dimming and blurring of vision.

Are cataracts removed with a laser?

No. Surgery is the only method of removing cataracts. Ultrasound technology is used to soften the cataract and vacuum it out of the eye.

Will I be asleep for my cataract surgery?

No. In almost all cases, this procedure is done with sedatives and numbing medication for the eye.

What is glaucoma?

It is an eye disease that causes progressive nerve damage. It can lead to permanent vision loss and even blindness. The only way it can be detected is with a comprehensive eye exam.